Hung P. Do, PhD, MSEE

Sr. Clinical Scientist (MRI Physicist), Canon Medical Systems USA


I’m a senior clinical scientist (Magnetic Resonance Imaging physicist) at Canon Medical Systems USA where I work to translate innovative imaging solutions (Deep Learning Reconstruction, Compressed Sensing, Ultra-short Echo Time imaging, Arterial Spin Labeling, etc.) to the clinical environment by designing and conducting hypothesis-driven and clinical-evaluation research studies and engaging in the FDA 510k application processes from planning to FDA Pre-Submission (Q-Sub) meeting to preparing and reviewing application materials to responding to FDA reviewers’ questions. I have a track record of collaboration with radiologists, cardiologists, scientists, engineers, application specialists, MRI technicians, product managers, marketers, legal counselors, and regulatory affairs specialists.

I enjoy learning new knowledge, generating new ideas, experimenting with new tools, and solving impactful problems in principal ways. My expertise and interests include:

  • Design and execute scientifically sound and FDA 510k-cleared hypothesis-driven and clinical-evaluation research studies

  • End-to-end project managements and interdisciplinary collaborations

  • Fundamental and translational MRI research related to quantitative imaging, novel pulse sequence design, and advanced image reconstruction

  • Applications of statistics, data science, machine learning, and deep learning to medical imaging and healthcare

  • Programmable animation, data visualization, data analysis, and statistics using Python and R

  • Bayesian methods and probabilistic programming for quantitative imaging with uncertainty quantification

  • Mathematical modeling, numerical simulations, and optimization

  • Automatic and reproducible pipelines for data curation, cleaning, and visualization, statistical analysis, and report/presentation generation using Git version control, Bash, Python, R, and related packages

Outside work, I enjoy spending time with family in nature and updating the latest advances in science and technology.